Bill Forsyth Weaves Giving into Frontier Partners’ Fabric

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Bill Forsyth is the founding partner of Frontier Partners, which helps boutique investment managers raise money from large institutions. Bill is also a proud Origin Investments investor. We talked with Bill about his passion for helping others, in particular orphans schooled and housed by the charity Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos International in Honduras.

Q. Please tell us what inspired you to get involved with NPH International.

A. My family and I discovered the charity in 2014 when a group of NPH children came to our parish to perform music and dance to raise awareness of NPH’s work. We hosted some of the members of the group, and we found their stories heart-wrenching. Many of the children are orphaned or abused or have been shuffled from one family to another. The NPH orphanages give these children a home where they can learn and grow in a loving and stable environment. Once they reach adulthood, they leave the orphanage to get jobs and pursue their lives.

Bill Forsyth and his daughter at the Holy Family Surgery Center

In 2015, my 20-year-old daughter and I went to Honduras to volunteer at the Holy Family Surgery Center, located on NPH property. Spending an entire week on the ranch, we really got wrapped up in the lives of the orphans. By the end of our visit, we each decided to “adopt” an orphan, which means that we provide financial aid to cover education and living costs. We enjoy keeping up with our “godchildren” — they send us letters and emails — and we intend to go back to Honduras to volunteer soon.

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Q. How does your work with charities affect your professional career?

A. I built my own company, and for me it is hard to separate my professional life from my personal life because it is all intertwined. We set up a charitable foundation at work, the New Frontiers Foundation, with the express purpose of giving back to the community. We wanted giving to be in the fabric of the company. I see a lot of people in the Chicago area who have not had the same breaks as I’ve had, and I want to help them. Our foundation helps kids get through high school and then go on to college. The key for us is education because it has a ripple effect that lasts for generations.

Q. How does charity work tie in with your own personal investment philosophy?

A. Well, I can’t say that I invest only in clean water, but I do invest with bright and like-minded people. That’s an attractive position for me. The main goal for me with my personal investing is to be as successful as possible so that I can give back more. I am pushing for greater returns to help more people.

Q. Any advice regarding charitable giving?

A. The advice I would give would be not to hesitate. My career is very fulfilling, but I always feel the most enjoyment when I work with charities. I try to devote as much time as I can to helping others while still running a successful business. This is the balance I need to feel fulfilled as an individual.

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