Origin Insights #12: How to Value Real Estate | Crowdfunding Success

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How to Value Commercial Real Estate

Cap Rate vs. Return on Cost: Valuing Commercial Real Estate

We’re frequently asked by investors what cap rate we use when evaluating a real estate investment opportunity. To help answer this question, we explain what a cap rate is, when to use it, and its limitations.

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Real Estate Crowdfunding Hits Stride; $150M+ Fund Proves Its Power

Real Estate Crowdfunding Hits Stride; $150M+ Fund Proves Its Power

The JOBS Act brought innovation to the real estate industry by opening the door to crowdfunding as a means to raise capital. We have identified three benefits that the commercial real estate market has seen thus far.

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This $130 Million Fund Is Leading The Way In Real Estate Crowdfunding


Fintech Is Rebuilding Capital Markets, From AI to Crowdfunding Startups


Highly Crowdfunded Vehicle Hits Final Close at $151M

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