Webinar: All About Origin’s IncomePlus Fund

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IncomePlus Fund Webinar

Watch the recording of our IncomePlus Fund webinar, hosted by Origin Principal Michael Episcope and Vice President Ben Harris.

Origin’s IncomePlus Fund is a diversified private real estate investment targeting a total return of 9-11% per year, inclusive of a 6% annual yield, paid quarterly. The Fund primarily owns and operates multifamily properties in 10 fast-growing U.S. markets and is supplemented by strategic real estate debt investments.

We covered the following topics during the webinar:

  • Welcome – 00:05
  • About Origin – 01:31
  • Fund Structure – 07:43
  • Fund Strategy – 18:21
  • Terms – 26:29
  • Get Started – 27:52

You can also learn more about the Fund by creating an Origin account, where you’ll have access to all our due diligence materials.

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Get 9-11% Projected Net Annual Returns with the Origin IncomePlus Fund


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