Origin Insights: Coronavirus & the Market Impact

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It has been a roller coaster ride all week in the financial markets as the world seeks to understand the full impact of the Coronavirus. Understanding how this will ultimately affect our private real estate investments and our company has been our top priority this week. The situation is changing daily, but we are committed to sharing our latest thoughts and the measures we are taking today to protect against further fallout. We also want to acknowledge that while financial health is important, it doesn’t mean anything without physical health. We hope you and your loved ones are safe and stay healthy during this time.


– Michael Episcope & David Scherer




Michael Episcope, Origin Principal


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With the recent market turbulence and changes in the business environment worldwide, it’s becoming more likely every day that we are heading into a recession of some magnitude. In this article, we recap the measures we’re taking at our firm to ensure we continue to preserve and grow the wealth that our private real estate investors have entrusted to us.

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Michael Episcope, Origin Principal


9 minute read


The impact of Coronavirus has been felt everywhere. The virus’s inevitable spread has everyone panicked about what the ultimate impact will be, and these fears are showing up in the public markets. This article provides our take on how we think this may impact private real estate investments, and Origin in particular.

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David Scherer, Origin Principal


3 minute read


Origin is decisive and we put our investor interests above our own. In this article, we talk about how and why we made the tough – but clear – decision to no longer proceed with the $241M of private real estate deals that we had in the works over the last year.

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REIT Report

by Geoff Shaver, Director of Public Securities


Welcome to the new REIT Report where we share our thoughts on what’s happening in the world of exchange-listed real estate investment trusts (“REITs”). Whether you’re new to investing in public REITs or you’re a veteran, we hope you’ll find these reports helpful as you navigate investing in REITs. In today’s issue, we cover REIT preferred stocks and if they make sense in a time of market volatility.

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So far this quarter, we added more than 100 new investors to the Origin community, for a total of 1,068 investors, and raised nearly $40M for our IncomePlus and QOZ Funds. Nearly $10M of that was raised in less than 72 hours for our latest deal in the IncomePlus Fund, Monroe Aberdeen.




Star Metals | IncomePlus Fund


Atlanta, GA


Star Metals is a ground-up development project located in the Atlanta submarket of West Midtown. The project will consist of 409 units and more than 14,000 square feet of specialty retail once completed. Demolition to the previous structure started on July 25, 2018, and site work began in August of 2018. The new foundation is complete, the vertical structure (consisting of windows and metal panels on the exterior of the building) has been completed, and it will be fully enclosed by mid-April. The project is scheduled to be completed by the first quarter of next year as well as the final Certificate of Occupancy. To learn more about Star Metals, log in to your Origin account or create a new account.

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Marcus Clark


Marcus Clark, Graphic Designer


Marcus recently joined Origin as a graphic designer for our investor communications team. He made this issue of Origin Insights and works on other emails and materials you’ll see from us. Prior to joining Origin, Marcus worked as a graphic designer for Farmer’s Fridge. He went to Columbia College Chicago and enjoys baking, visiting antique furniture stores, and sharpening his indoor gardening skills.


Elias Dowling-Huppert


Elias Dowling-Huppert, Software Engineer


Elias is Origin’s most-recent new hire on our technology team. He’ll be working to improve the website and app you use to stay updated on the performance of your investments. After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, Elias worked at Capital One. He enjoy outdoor activities including cycling, ultimate frisbee and surfing (when he’s near the ocean).




Earlier this month, the Origin acquisitions team took to the slopes for their annual ski trip in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with fellow real estate industry executives who represent our target markets. This trip is an excellent way to build relationships within the real estate industry, which helped us to acquire $660M of real estate in 2019.




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