Investing Helps the World Move Forward

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Investing Helps the World Move Forward
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We are excited to share that starting today we at Origin Investments are donating 100% of our IncomePlus and Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund administrative fee through June 30, 2020, to three charities working hard to support individuals and communities affected by COVID-19. We selected Feeding America, Doctors Without Borders and Team Rubicon because of the incredible work they do.

As real estate fund managers, we raise capital from individuals who entrust us to responsibly invest their money in multifamily real estate projects. Our capital is used to construct new buildings, creating jobs and bolstering economic activity. Tens of millions of dollars in raw materials and tens of thousands of hours of labor power a new real estate project. Construction-related activities account for nearly 7% of US gross domestic product. On top of that, a new renter buys furniture and appliances, adding even more fuel to the economic engine.

Our capital is used to finance existing projects, creating jobs and bolstering economic activity. We step in where the banks won’t and make transactions happen. This feeds everyone in the chain from the banker, broker, lawyer, property manager and maintenance repair person.

Our capital is used to acquire existing buildings, creating jobs and bolstering economic activity. A newly acquired project permanently employs dozens of people at the property. In addition, it pays off the lender who will now look to make new loans, increasing the velocity of capital throughout the system. Our projects typically require some level of improvements and these create demand for raw materials and create construction jobs.

When individuals invest with us, those fees are used to pay our team, creating jobs and bolstering economic activity. We employ more than thirty individuals at the corporate level and are responsible for hundreds of more jobs at our properties. It takes a team to deliver a high-quality real estate fund and the more we can grow, the more people we can employ.

In addition, our investment returns are used by our investment partners to help pay for everything from their retirement to their children’s college, creating jobs and bolstering economic activity.

Now, new investments will also help the people who most need our help. In times like this, thinking about investing while others are newly unemployed can feel off. It’s easy to question if you should care about investing right now. Investment capital is fuel that powers the economic engine of the world and one of the best ways we can all help the world get back to normal is by spending and investing.

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