Webinar: How We Decide When to Sell a Property

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  Watch our latest monthly webinar featuring Origin Investments Principal David Scherer and Managing Director of Investment Management Marc Turner discussing how we decide when to sell a property. David brings more than 20 years of experience in real estate investing, finance and asset management to the conversation, paired with Marc’s 20+ years of experience in investment management.

Determining when to sell a property involves a challenging process that is as rigorous and analytical as the process of acquiring one. On this webinar, David and Marc discuss the criteria we use to determine whether to sell or hold a property, using two recent case studies in the Chicago and Atlanta markets. They share how we gauge a potential sale’s value in the market today and why it’s important to determine who you expect a potential buyer to be. They also cover how we estimate the potential for future returns on a continued hold, and why we compare the returns based on prevailing market value versus historical cost.

The webinar ends with a round of questions submitted during registration and asked during the live webinar.

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