The Benefits of QOZ Under Biden’s Tax Plan

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Vince DeCrow, Vice President of Investor Relations

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President Joe Biden will soon roll out a sweeping overhaul to the U.S. tax system, most notably including what could turn out to be the Nation’s largest-ever increase to the long-term capital gains tax rate. This article highlights what is expected of the planned capital gains tax hike and discusses how Qualified Opportunity Zone investments can be utilized to position an investor’s portfolio for the future tax environment uncertainty.

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3 Key Factors that Make Origin a Top QOZ Fund Manager

Jonathan Spitz, Senior Associate

8 min read

There are three factors that lead to Origin being uniquely positioned to achieve outsized returns for our QOZ Fund. These include buying quality assets at the right price, developing projects on time and on budget and managing the investment post construction. These factors are critically important in the highly competitive QOZ space and this article looks at some examples of Origin’s expertise in each area.

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Fletcher Southlands | Origin Fund III

We’re happy to share the recent sale of Fletcher Southlands, an Origin Fund III multifamily property located in Aurora, Colorado. The value-add investment generated a 30.2% gross IRR and a 2.25x gross multiple for our investors, and the sale price set a record for the highest price-per-unit ever paid for 2000s product in the city.During our three years of ownership, we renovated 60% of the units, improved the common spaces and executed a dramatic operational transformation of the entire community. This resulted in higher rents, a 79% increase in our online ratings and a 98% occupancy rate at the time of sale.

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