7 Best Cities for Real Estate Post-Pandemic

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Dave Welk, Managing Director of Acquisitions

10 min read

The best places to live are often the best places to invest. But COVID-19 has changed the way we live and work, upending the multifamily and commercial real estate markets. As the virus becomes systemic, it begs the question: what are the best cities to invest in multifamily real estate, post-pandemic?

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6 Benefits of a Build-to-Core Real Estate Investing Strategy

Michael Episcope, Principal and Co-Founder

8 min read

Over the years, our investors have enjoyed the returns we’ve made for them, but many have also expressed their desire to stay in deals longer to minimize taxes and benefit from the passive income. We’ve learned that you never sell quality real estate. More wealth has been made through a buy and hold strategy, and the high yield income stream that grows every year generally outpaces inflation by a wide margin.

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Join Founder & Manager of Moderne Ventures, Constance Freedman, and Origin Principal, Michael Episcope, for an upcoming discussion about the latest advancements in real estate technology. They will discuss the technology trends affecting the world at large, how these trends impact the multifamily real estate industry, and how investors can benefit.

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The Rosie | QOZ Fund

Residency is in full force at The Rosie, located in the historical Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, IL. The Rosie (formerly known as Pilsen Gateway) is a seven-story, 202-unit mixed-use development with remarkable views of the Chicago skyline. The site is located in the increasingly popular neighborhood of Pilsen, 1.5 miles southwest of downtown Chicago. Pilsen is consistently ranked as one of the fastest growing areas in Chicago and is expected to further benefit from several new investments in the are

To celebrate Pilsen and its rich Latino culture, the exterior of the Rosie has been adorned with several murals, a beautiful way to celebrate the completion of this project.

To learn more about our QOZ Fund, visit our website.


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