Our Real Estate Trend Predictions for 2022

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The latest news and updates from Origin Investments | January 15, 2022


David Scherer, Origin Co-CEO

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While private real estate investing in 2022 will continue to be clouded by the coronavirus, inflation will be our biggest economic risk and profit expectations for private real estate will moderate. Find out what the rest of our top 10 predictions are for this year.

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Scoring Our Top 10 Private Real Estate Predictions for 2021

David Scherer, Origin Co-CEO

10 min read

Every January brings a flood of predictions to advise private real estate investors. Each year at Origin, we make predictions for the coming year, too—but we go one step further by scoring our predictions from the prior year, acknowledging our wins and owning up to our misses. See how we achieved 96% accuracy for 2021.

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Introducing Origin Growth Fund IV

Growth Fund IV is designed to provide opportunistic returns through investments in multifamily development projects across fast-growing cities throughout the southeast and southwest United States. The Fund is targeting a 14%-16% net IRR over a four-year holding period, with an optional holding period that allows investors to stay diversified across a cash-flowing portfolio receive a tax-efficient income stream.

On the webinar, Origin Co-CEOs Michael Episcope and David Scherer review the Fund’s strategy and deal pipeline, discuss what distinguishes this Fund from Origin’s other offerings, and answer the most pressing questions from attendees.

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2021 Transaction Activity Recap

2021 was a year for the Origin record books! Last year we closed a record number of 20 direct equity and preferred equity deals totaling $1 billion in total capitalization with $300 million of equity invested. 2022’s pipeline is already growing with new developments as we continue to expand our presence in markets across the southeast and southwest United States.

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