Eliminate Your Capital Gains Taxes

The Origin QOZ Fund II will be a diversified portfolio of transformational, ground-up developments that provide significant tax advantages to accredited investors who invest with capital gains.


Target Net Equity Multiple


Target Net IRR

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Receive the Tax Benefits of the QOZ Program:

Tax Deferral

Defer your capital gains realized from a previous investment through the end of 2026 by reinvesting those capital gains into Origin's QOZ Fund.

Tax Elimination

Pay $0 taxes on capital gains the QOZ Fund generates by holding the investment for 10 or more years.

Maximize Your Returns with the Origin QOZ Fund II

An investment in the Origin QOZ Fund II can boost your after-tax returns by as much as 72% when you invest capital gains in the Origin QOZ Fund vs. an investment in a similar but non-QOZ fund.

Year 10 Value of a $1M Investment

Origin QOZ Fund II Investment
Non QOZ Fund Investment

Origin QOZ Fund II Strategy


Ground-Up Development

The Fund’s portfolio will consist of ground-up development projects that can produce viable returns before factoring in the QOZ tax benefits.

Path of Growth

Path of Growth

We look for properties in the path of growth in already transforming neighborhoods.

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After the properties are built, the QOZ Fund will be a diversified portfolio of Class-A properties that produces stable cash flow for investors.

Why Origin?

Market and Project Selection

Many of today’s most vibrant neighborhoods were once economically distressed areas. We have been targeting transitioning neighborhoods since we started investing because this is where the highest potential returns exist. We look for the most promising blocks within QOZs with strong population and job growth, a diverse economy and higher forecasted demand than supply 

Origin Mulitlitics Heatmap
Value of Ground-Up Development Projects in Progress or Completed

Proven Development Expertise

The total value of ground-up development projects we have completed or in progress is $1.6 billion.

Active Investment Management

QOZ Fund properties must be owned and operated for at least five to seven years after constructing to meet the QOZ program's 10-year hold requirement. Our experienced investment management team has decades of operational experience in optimizing revenue growth and tenant satisfaction while still sweating every penny of controllable expenses to maximize net operating income.

Effective Investment Management

Top Decile Fund Manager


Average Gross IRR Across 42 Realized Deals Since 2014


Personal Capital Invested by CEOs


Equity Raised for Origin QOZ Fund I

Preqin provides financial data and information on the alternative assets market. As of December 2022, Origin tied for ninth out of 185 Preqin-ranked best-performing private real estate fund managers in the nation and tied for 14th out of 250 Preqin-ranked best-performing private real estate fund managers globally. Our performance was self-reported to Preqin for Origin Funds I, II and III, and then rankings were determined by Preqin using a combination of net IRR and equity multiple.


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