Eliminate Your Capital Gains Taxes with the Origin QOZ Fund

The Origin QOZ Fund is a diversified portfolio of transformational ground-up development projects that provide significant tax advantages to investors who invest with capital gains. This Fund is available to accredited investors and accepting new commitments today.

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Maximize Your Returns with the Origin QOZ Fund

An investment in our QOZ Fund can boost your after-tax real estate returns by more than 75%, as compared to a non-QOZ investment in similar properties.
After-Tax Profit on a $1M Investment
Origin QOZ Fund Investment


Non QOZ Fund Investment


Immediately diversify across four Class A multifamily assets.

2404 Navigation

Forth @ Navigation

Houston, TX

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Pilsen Gateway

Pilsen Gateway

Chicago, IL

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NoDa Greenway

NoDa Greenway

Charlotte, NC

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Union @ Roosevelt

Union @ Roosevelt

Phoenix, AZ

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Origin QOZ Fund Strategy

The Fund invests in ground-up development real estate projects in transforming neighborhoods across 11 fast-growing U.S. cities.


About the QOZ Program

The Qualified Opportunity Zone program was created under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 to incentivize investment in targeted communities in need of economic development, called QOZ’s. It provides significant tax advantages to investors who roll over their capital gains from other investments into a Fund that invests in Qualified Opportunity Zones.


Tax Elimination

Pay $0 on capital gains earned by the QOZ Fund if held for 10+ years.


Tax Deferral

Defer your capital gains tax from a previous investment until 2026.


Tax Reduction

Reduce your capital gains taxes by up to 15%.


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