Generate Passive Income

The Origin IncomePlus Fund is a diversified, tax-efficient private real estate fund that delivers stable, passive income and appreciation for accredited investors. The Fund is targeting a total net annual return of 9% to 11%. 

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Earn a Higher Distribution Yield

The distribution yield for the IncomePlus Fund now stands at 5.8%. That's 64.8% more than the Ten-Year U.S. Treasury yield and 33.6% more than investment-grade bonds.*

*As of 01/27/2023, the distribution yield of the U.S. 10-Year Treasury Note was 3.52% and the distribution yield of Moody’s Seasoned AAA Corporate Bonds was 4.34%, according to YCharts.

Distribution Yield Comparison

Origin IncomePlus Fund
Investment-Grade Bonds
U.S. Ten-Year Treasuries

Additional Benefits of the Origin IncomePlus Fund:

Capital Appreciation

The Fund targets ground up development projects and core plus multifamily properties with enhanced upside potential.

Minimize Taxes

Distributions are shielded by depreciation, resulting in a nearly tax-free cash flow stream, and the Fund’s build, buy, fix, and hold strategy means property gains can be deferred indefinitely.

Distribution Reinvestment

The Fund offers a DRIP (distribution re-investment program) for those seeking to keep their money working and maximize growth over the longer-term.

Fund Properties

Immediately diversify across these Class A multifamily assets.

Invest with Origin, a proven real estate fund manager.

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Generate passive income.

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