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Groundbreaking AI predicts rent growth with astounding accuracy.

The ability to forecast rent growth accurately has a direct impact on the performance of multifamily real estate investments. Origin Multilytics has shown it can outperform industry benchmarks in its predictive accuracy. The Multilytics Rent Forecast Accuracy Report confirms our predictions from the national to the target market level.

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The Report Includes:


In-Depth Analysis of Rent Growth Trends


An Overview of the Accuracy of Multilytics’ Predictions


Rent Outlook in National, Regional and Gateway Markets 

Get to Know the Technology Behind the Report

We created Multilytics to help us generate more accurate, granular and consistent rent growth projections in our target markets compared with other available third-party resources. This proprietary suite of machine-learning models gives our boots-on-the-ground professionals critical local insights to acquire the right properties and land sites.



Multilytics’ accuracy was 95% versus the industry leader’s 4% when classifying submarkets as having greater than or less than 3% rent growth throughout 2021-22.1


Improved Predictions

Multilytics improved rent-growth predictions during a study period from January 2021 to December 2022.Its predictive models unlock insights into potential future scenarios.


Margin of Error

According to outcomes back-tested over a five-year period in the 150 largest metro areas, Multilytics’ rent growth predictions were accurate to within $10 to $15 annually.3

Better Information.
Better Decisions.

Multilytics helps analyze deals, screen out those that don’t meet the criteria for our real estate Funds, and make investment decisions fast.

  1. Demonstrated in classifying submarkets as having greater than or less than 3% rent growth throughout 2021 and 2022. In actual values, this represents a reduction of about 81% in MSE. This is the difference between forecasting flat to negative rent growth to near-record-breaking rent growth in 2021. The industry leader was accurate in predicting rent growth greater than or less than 3% throughout 2021-22 only 4% of the time, while Multilytics was 95% accurate.
  2. Based on mean squared error from 2021 to 2022.
  3. Margin of error does not include 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic.