Why We’re Changing Our Name

Topic:  • By Michael Episcope • February 16, 2016 Views

On Feb. 24, Origin Capital Partners will become Origin Investments.

Why? Because Origin Capital Partners is a pain to type. Just kidding. Sort of.

A three-word name in the era of Uber, Skype, Twitter — single word names that say absolutely nothing about the underlying businesses — feels very stodgy and old-school. Something Origin and its new real estate crowdfunding platform are not.

However, we also believe in names that convey what we do. And what we do, and have always done, is offer high-quality real estate investments and great service to our clients.

We are a place for investors to diversify their risk and participate in an asset class that rarely runs in the same direction as stocks and bonds. In short, we are a place for you to build wealth. And most importantly, we are a place for you to invest wisely.

Hence, Origin Investments.

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Michael Episcope

Michael Episcope formed Origin Investments in 2007, along with Co-CEO David Scherer. He has more than 25 years of investment and risk management experience.