Explore our comprehensive library of guides and rent forecast reports, offering insights and expertise on real estate investment strategies and trends.


The Comprehensive Guide to Investing in Private Real Estate

This guide covers the basics, from the benefits and risks of private real estate to common investing strategies, forecasting metrics and the fees managers collect.


QOZ Benefits: Unlocking the Potential of Qualified Opportunity Zone Investments

This overview of the Opportunity Zone program details the substantial tax benefits and other basics of investing in QOZ funds for financial advisors and individual investors.



MultilyticsSM Rent Forecast January 2024–January 2025

The Multilytics Rent Forecast report details 12-month rent outlooks for all our investment markets and national, regional and gateway city forecasts.

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MultilyticsSM Rent Forecast Accuracy Report

This report compares the accuracy of Origin Multilytics℠ predictions in our target markets for Class A multifamily buildings from January to July 2023 with actual rents over the same period.


MultilyticsSM Rent Forecast January 2023–January 2024

This report details rent outlooks from January 2023 to January 2024 for all our investment markets and national, regional and gateway city forecasts, using Origin MultilyticsSM, our proprietary suite of machine-learning models.


How Private Real Estate Adds Value to Your Practice

This report helps RIAs learn how private real estate investments benefit clients, why we focus on multifamily, and how partnering with Origin adds significant value to an advisor’s practice.


Multifamily Markets to Watch 2022

Using Origin MultilyticsSM and our detailed knowledge of key submarkets, this report identifies five key cities where multifamily real estate investment could provide outsized returns.