Houston Real Estate Market Analysis

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Volatility in Stocks vs Private Real Estate

Explore several Houston real estate sub-markets with Origin Principal Dave Scherer and VP of Acquisitions Matt Ozee. We look at an Opportunity Zone site in East End, discuss the rising Energy Corridor, and find out why you can never trust a rental car.

We start the day off in East End, an up-and-coming neighborhood near downtown. There we look at the potential Opportunity Zone deal just off Navigation Boulevard and discuss the factors that are pulling new residents to the area, including proximity to downtown and recently planned developments.

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After East End we head to The Heights, a mature sub-market north of downtown. We think East End will begin to look more and more like The Heights as time goes on. Here we check out some of the neighborhoods that have transformed in the past 10 years, grab a quick sandwich at a famous deli, and head on our way.

To finish off the day, we head out west to the Energy Corridor, a more volatile and industrial sub-market which we believe will continue to grow in the coming years.

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