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Our 10 Most Popular Commercial Real Estate Articles from 2019


Throughout 2019, we published 55 new articles to help investors make smarter real estate investing decisions. Below are our ten most-viewed articles from 2019, in descending order:

10. Debt or Equity Investments: Which One is Best for Portfolios? Real estate investors typically can participate in debt investments, equity investments, or both. This article provides insight on the advantages and disadvantages of each of option.

9. How Debt Financing Benefits Commercial Real Estate Investors. In real estate debt financing, investors act as lenders to receive a fixed return based on the amount they’ve invested and the interest rate. This article explains real estate debt and the risk involved.

8. Why the Origin IncomePlus Fund? Origin’s IncomePlus Fund strategy is to acquire core plus and value add multifamily properties in ten fast-growing markets. This article outlines the strategies behind our fund designed to deliver stable, passive income and capital appreciation for investors.

7. Tax Efficient Investing: When 10% is better than 14%. There’s no such thing as a completely tax-free investment, however, there are tax-efficient investments. This article explores taxes and how they affect the returns you receive.

6. 5 Mistakes Direct Real Estate Investors Make and How to Avoid Them. Many private real estate investors choose to buy and manage investment properties themselves, instead of outsourcing to a third-party manager. This article details five mistakes we commonly see direct real estate investors make and how they can be avoided.

5. Pros and Cons of the 5 Main Types of Real Estate Investment Properties. This article defines what multifamily, office, retail, industrial, and hotel properties are, plus provides the pros and cons of each.

4. QOZ Timing: When to Invest in a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund. Qualified Opportunity Funds provide great tax benefits when capital gains are invested within 180-days of realizing capital. However, the 180-day timing requirement of QOZ Funds can be confusing. To clear up some of the confusion on timing, we talked to Adam J. Tejeda, a tax partner with the international law firm K&L Gates who is an authority on Qualified Opportunity Zones.

3. Top 10 Commercial Real Estate Investing Trends in 2019. At the beginning of last year, we predicted the top trends we expected to hit the private real estate market and explained what real estate investors should know about each trend.

2. How Investors Can Make Multifamily Properties Recession-Proof. In this article, we outlined seven ways to safeguard a multifamily portfolio from a potential economic recession.

1. Using Qualified Opportunity Zones to Eliminate Capital Gains. This article explains how to eliminate capital gains taxes by investing in a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund. Even though the December 31, 2019 deadline to receive the full 15% step up in basis has passed, investors who invest their capital gains in a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund in the years 2020 or 2021 can still receive lucrative tax incentives.

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