The Definition of an “Accredited Investor”

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Accredited Investor Definition

Investors in Origin must be “accredited investors.” It’s a threshold set by the federal government. Do you meet the definition of an “accredited investor?” Individuals who can answer “yes” to at least ONE of the following statements qualify as accredited investors.

• I have an individual net worth, or joint net worth with my spouse, that exceeds $1 million (excluding the value of my primary residence).

• I have individual income exceeding $200,000 in each of the past two years and expect to reach the same this year.

• I have combined income with my spouse exceeding $300,000 in each of the past two years and expect to reach the same this year.

• I invest on behalf of a business or investment company with more than $5 million in assets and/or all of the equity owners are accredited.

If you meet one or more of these thresholds, you are an accredited investor.

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Please check out our team and our story pages to learn how Origin’s commercial real estate investments can benefit an accredited investor’s portfolio. And even if you’re not yet an accredited investor, you can still sign up to view the in-depth financial details of the investment opportunities within our secure investor portal.

We’re proud of our excellent track record on both funds and individual assets. We invite you to invest alongside us.

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