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2023 Origin Activity Recap: Finding Ways to Win

2023 Origin Activity Recap

One of Origin’s core values is “find a way.” And despite numerous economic and market challenges, our acquisitions team made 2023 a productive year. Through boots-on-the-ground relationships in our target markets and our ability to accurately and efficiently evaluate deals using Origin MultilyticsSM, they were able to source investments that “penciled out” to meet Origin’s strict underwriting standards and deliver strong potential risk-adjusted returns for our investors. The team found tax-incentivized development deals, took advantage of the private credit boom and leveraged established relationships in our target markets. The result? 2023 Origin activity included sourcing 28 investments comprising a gross capitalization of $1.34 billion, representing nearly $590 million of equity deployed on behalf of Origin Investments and Origin Credit Advisers Funds.   

Tax Incentive Deals 


Ground-up development is essential to Origin’s build, buy and hold strategy. Faced with high interest rates, negative rent growth and increased construction and operating expenses, the team needed to be creative to find deals that would still deliver strong potential returns. In Texas, our deep market relationships led to three investments that are receiving significant tax benefits by leasing the land from housing authorities. These structures provide 100% property tax abatement for 99 years and a one-time tax exemption of construction materials in exchange for offering a portion of the units to residents who earn income that is at or below the area’s median. With property taxes in Texas totaling 40% to 50% of operating expenses, these are substantial savings. In addition, these agreements will allow us to broaden our demand segment without sacrificing asset quality.  

First Senior Stretch Loan  


Last year also saw the launch of Origin Credit Advisers’ Strategic Credit Fund, an open-end, multifamily-focused private credit Fund that aims to provide qualified purchasers1 with a consistent stream of risk-adjusted income and capital protection. The Fund’s flexible structure, allocating investments across a mix of securitized products such as Freddie Mac bonds (more on those later) and direct financing, offers deal structures at attractive terms.

A ground-up development currently under construction in Las Vegas is a prime example. This deal, located in the path of growth, was a direct result of our established relationships in the market. The original senior lender needed immediate liquidity and opted to default on the loan for the planned 308-unit garden development spread over 16 separate buildings. Our existing relationship with the broker led to us stepping in to complete the construction process via a combined senior stretch loan and preferred equity investment. The senior loan will occupy between 0% and 65% of the capital stack and receive a pre-funded fixed rate of return of 9.25%2. By adding additional leverage between 50% and 65% of the loan, we are increasing our potential returns on the senior position. 

The preferred equity terms are also quite favorable, generating a double-digit preferred return3 (half being pre-funded) and offering added upside potential through a 10% kicker, meaning that we are entitled to 10% of any profits generated at the deal level.  

Preferred Equity Opportunities 


2023 Origin activity was impacted by high interest rates and bank failures, which culminated in reduced bank lending for multifamily development projects. That created a unique environment where there were more high-quality borrowers seeking options to close a financing gap for unfinished projects than there were lenders. Seizing on these opportunities, both Origin’s IncomePlus Fund and Origin Credit Advisers’ Strategic Credit Fund provided a total of more than $140 million in preferred equity by yearend. The preferred returns for these investments average in the low to mid-teens3—higher than historical averages—which are to be paid to Origin before the sponsor receives any profit, with the bonus of downside protection in the capital stack.  

Freddie Mac Rotation  


Last, but certainly not least, in 2023 Origin Credit Advisers secured a coveted spot in the Freddie Mac bond rotation. This was a complex process that took nearly three years to achieve and speaks to the reputation that we have built with the agency. It means that we are one of slightly more than a dozen fund managers given priority access to Freddie Mac secured bonds, which are highly sought after due to their historically low credit loss rate. This will result in consistent quality deal flow for the Strategic Credit Fund, which we will continue to leverage with scrupulous due diligence and an innovative approach utilizing Multilytics, our proprietary suite of machine-learning models, to crunch data and provide insights on the highest-potential portfolios.  

See a breakdown of all 2023 investments below.

Growth Fund IV

Deal NameUnitsInvestment ProfileMarketOrigin Equity
Bobtown (HFC)238DevelopmentDallas$17,137,405
Modera Gilbert276DevelopmentPhoenix$36,219,144
Sam Furr244DevelopmentCharlotte$31,535,951
Marlowe324DevelopmentLas Vegas$34,892,959
McKinney Falls (PFC)290DevelopmentAustin$25,289,388


Deal NameUnitsInvestment ProfileMarketOrigin Equity
AVA Nashville199DevelopmentNashville$14,336,858
Lofts at Eastland266DevelopmentCharlotte$31,900,569
AVA Gainesville231DevelopmentAtlanta$11,185,827

Strategic Credit Fund

Deal NameUnitsInvestment ProfileMarketOrigin Equity
Culebra Commons327Preferred EquitySan Antonio$19,000,000
AVA Jodeco140DevelopmentAtlanta$6,700,000
Mariposa at Riverblue153Preferred EquityAsheville$16,028,651
Walnut Crest150DevelopmentNashville$7,850,000
Nola Sol308Development Las Vegas$61,442,000
2023 BondNACreditVarious$2,890,000
2023 BondNACreditVarious$24,656,715
2023 BondNACreditVarious$7,867,378
2021 BondNACreditVarious$47,766,421

Multifamily Credit Fund

Deal NameInvestment ProfileMarketOrigin Equity
2023 BondCreditVarious$5,000,000
2023 BondCreditVarious$20,000,000
2017 BondCreditVarious$26,150,000
2019 BondCreditVarious$11,900,000
2020 BondCreditVarious$9,000,000
2017 BondCreditVarious$26,164,944
2020 BondCreditVarious$17,210,919
2017 BondCreditVarious$23,010,979


Deal NameUnitsInvestment ProfileMarketOrigin Equity
Revolve at Casa Grande284Preferred EquityPhoenix$11,000,000
Denton 380 (PFC)278DevelopmentDallas$22,484,499
Live Oak327Preferred EquityDallas$17,650,000

1.) Generally, a qualified purchaser is an individual or a family-owned business that owns $5 million or more in investments, excluding their primary residence or any property used for business.

2.) These returns are net of fees and are calculated by subtracting the assumed 1.25% asset management fee from the gross return and taking 90% of this product which assumes 25 basis points of fund-level expenses and a 10% promote over a 6% hurdle. For the performance information of the Strategic Credit Fund from which the above referenced return information was extracted contact Thomas Briney at (800) 628-8008.

3.) Returns are net of fees. For the performance information of the Strategic Credit Fund from which the above referenced return information was extracted contact Thomas Briney at (800) 628-8008.

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