Growth Fund IV

Multifamily developments with high growth potential.

Target Net IRR


Target Net Equity Multiple


Asset Type


Investment Objective


Hold Period

4+ Years

Minimum Investment


Invest for Growth, Stay for Income

Dollar Sign

Opportunistic Returns

The Fund will capitalize on changing demographic trends, participating in ground-up development projects in areas where there is not enough supply to meet growing demand.



Investments will be diversified throughout high-growth markets across the southwest and southeast United States.


Optional Hold Period

After the initial four-year development period, investors can redeem their interests or elect to remain in the Fund to generate a target net annualized total return of 8% to 11%.

Projected Returns

A $250K investment is expected to grow to $437K after four years and $625K after eight years.


Investment Strategy

Demand Surge

Renters are leaving high-cost urban areas in search of warmer, low-cost, business-friendly states, a trend that has accelerated throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Our target markets are in many of those states, where strong resident inflow is creating a surge in demand for multifamily housing, and where there is inadequate supply.


Supply Gap

According to The National Association of Realtors, more than 700,000 new apartment units were absorbed by renters in 2021, representing 50% more units than the pre-pandemic high and outpacing the roughly 360,000 new apartments delivered in 2021. This supply and demand imbalance is expected to continue as the U.S. renting population grows.

Why Development

Multifamily demand has driven up market pricing for already-built assets, resulting in lower investment returns. However, projected returns for developments are in line with historical averages.


Three Year Average Rent Growth

Growth Fund IV Target Markets
United States
Gateway Cities

Source: Axiometrics and Radix

Rent Growth

From 2019 to 2021, rents grew by a record-setting average of 7.94% in Origin’s target markets, compared to 5.27% across the country and 1.76% in U.S. gateway markets.

Where We Invest

We target cities and submarkets across the southwest and southeast U.S. that we expect to experience outsized rent growth and demand.


Fund Properties

Haven at Cool Springs

Franklin, TN

Preserve at Star Ranch

Austin, TX

Haven at Apache

Tempe, AZ

Solace at the Ranch

Colorado Springs, CO

Haven at Loyd Park

Dallas, TX

277 Clifton

Atlanta, GA

Sutton Place

Jacksonville, FL

Auterra Nocatee

Jacksonville, FL

Sam Furr Road

Charlotte, NC

Optional Hold Period

Wealth is created by investing in quality assets and holding long-term. After the initial four-year development period, investors can redeem their interests or elect to remain in the Fund and continue collecting tax-efficient distributions.


Target Net Annual Distributions*


Target Net Annual


Target Net Annualized
Total Return

*Target net annual distribution yield quoted as percentage of an investor’s estimated NAV each year in the optional hold period. This target distribution yield is equivalent to 7% to 9% on an investor’s original invested equity in the fund.

Watch the Introductory Growth Fund IV Webinar

On this webinar, Origin Co-CEOs Michael Episcope and David Scherer review the Growth Fund’s strategy, Origin’s approach, the latest deal pipeline, and answer many questions submitted by attendees.

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