Multifamily Credit Fund

High yield debt investments for qualified purchasers.

Current Net Yield1


Egan-Jones Credit Rating2


Credit Loss Rate Over 28 Years3


Investment Objective


Hold Period

7 Years

Minimum Investment


An Exclusive Investment

This private credit fund invests in conservatively leveraged Freddie Mac bonds that are backed by cash flowing and geographically diversified multifamily loans.

Floating Rate
K-Deal B-Pieces

Fixed Rate
K-Deal B-Pieces


Only Strips

Fund Benefits

Higher Net Yield

The Origin Multifamily Credit Fund's current net yield is 7.90%, offering a substantially higher stream of passive income than traditional fixed income investments.

Origin Multifamily Credit Fund Current Yield
A-Rated Corporate Bonds Yield
A-Rated Municipal Bonds Yield

Sample Capital Structure


Downside Protection

B-Piece bond certificates are senior to common equity property owners and subordinate to the A-Piece certificates. In turn, B-Piece investors are compensated with higher risk-adjusted returns while still being protected by up to a 30% cushion-to-loss.

REIT Structure

The Fund was designed with a REIT structure to provide tax efficiencies, including a 20% tax deduction on all taxable distributions, converting of interest income into ordinary REIT distributions, blocking all Unrelated Business Taxable Income and Effectively Connected Income.

Tax Deduction on Distributions

How the Fund Works

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Freddie Mac approved us to bid on their bonds at exclusive purchase auctions because we’re an expert operator of multifamily investments, have been actively borrowing from Freddie Mac for 10+ years and meet their high capital requirements.

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We bid on only the B-Piece tranche of Freddie Mac K-Deal and SBL bonds because we are compensated with higher risk-adjusted returns while still being protected by the borrower equity position, which shields our investments from potential loss.

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We leverage our boots-on-the-ground market experience to identify all the potential merits and risks of each B-Piece prior to purchasing and then acquire selected bonds to build a strategic and well-diversified portfolio for our investors.

Egan Jones A- Fund Rating

Egan-Jones Fund Rating

Based on a qualitative and quantitative analysis performed by Egan-Jones—a market leader in private placement ratings—the Multifamily Credit Fund has been given an A- rating. This rating means that the Fund is expected to have a high level of creditworthiness with low sensitivity to evolving credit conditions.

Why Origin


Exclusive Access

We’ve met Freddie Mac’s stringent requirements to become an approved B-Piece purchaser.


Due Diligence Process

We thoroughly vet each B-Piece using our proprietary underwriting and due diligence process.


Fund Leadership

Our team has executed billions of dollars of real estate transactions, with decades of experience in investment and risk management.

1) Multifamily Credit Fund current net yield as of Oct. 26, 2022. 2) Egan-Jones, a market leader in private placement ratings, performed a qualitative and quantitative analysis on the Fund in February 2022. The Fund’s rating means that it is expected to have a high level of creditworthiness with low sensitivity to evolving credit conditions. 3) The average historical credit loss rate for Freddie Mac loans is only 0.041%. Request fund documents for more information.

A qualified purchaser is an individual or a family-owned business that owns $5 million or more in investments, not including a primary residence or any property used for business. 

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