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The Benefits of QOZ Investing Under Biden’s Capital Gains Tax Plan

By Vince DeCrow • April 27, 2021 Views

Dollar-Cost Averaging in Private Real Estate

By Vince DeCrow • January 29, 2021 Views

3 Leading Indicators of Strong Multifamily Investment Performance

By Vince DeCrow • October 28, 2020 Views

What Advisors Should Look for in an Alternative Investment

By Tony Schirmang • October 2, 2020 Views

How to Help Your Clients Find Risk-Adjusted Income in Today’s Market

By Tony Schirmang • October 1, 2020 Views

Why We Like Multifamily Real Estate in Today’s Economy

By David Scherer • September 8, 2020 Views

Should You Invest in Private Real Estate During a Market Downturn?

By Isabela Carrasco • September 4, 2020 Views

Quick COVID-19 Action Preserves Multifamily Investor Rental Income

By Ken Lodge and Chris Neumann • June 26, 2020 Views

Protecting Investor Wealth During This Market Downturn

By Michael Episcope • March 25, 2020 Views

1031 Exchange vs. QOZ Real Estate: Which Tax Break Is Better?

By Michael McVickar • March 6, 2020 Views

Self-Directed IRAs: Pros and Cons for Private Real Estate Investment

By Michael McVickar • March 5, 2020 Views

QOZ or 1031 Exchange: Which Offers Better Tax Benefits for Investors?

By Origin Investments • December 20, 2019 Views

Why Preferred Equity is a Good Commercial Real Estate Investment

By David Scherer • December 19, 2019 Views

11 Reasons Why Multifamily Real Estate Is a Good Investment

By Dave Welk • December 10, 2019 Views

What is an Opportunistic Real Estate Investment?

By Origin Investments • November 26, 2019 Views

How to Value Real Estate: Cap Rate vs. Return on Cost

By Dave Welk • October 31, 2019 Views

How to Use IRR & Equity Multiple When Evaluating Private Real Estate

By David Scherer • October 3, 2019 Views

How the Capital Stack Works in Private Real Estate Investing

By David Scherer • August 8, 2019 Views

How an Objective Risk Model Can Improve Investment Decisions

By David Scherer • April 17, 2019 Views

How Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Can Be Manipulated

By Origin Investments • March 21, 2019 Views

What is a K-1 and How is it Used for Taxes in Private Real Estate?

By Priya Venkataraman • March 21, 2019 Views

Using Qualified Opportunity Zones to Eliminate Capital Gains Taxes

By Michael Episcope • February 7, 2019 Views

5 Ways to Generate Passive Income from Real Estate Investing

By Michael Episcope • October 18, 2018 Views

An Introduction to Private Real Estate Investment Fees

By Michael Episcope • August 9, 2018 Views

How to Determine When to Sell a Commercial Real Estate Investment

By Kyle Verhasselt • June 17, 2018 Views

10 Key Questions Private Real Estate Investors Should Ask

By Michael Episcope • May 2, 2018 Views

How Your Wealth Manager Should be Adding Value to Your Portfolio

By Michael Episcope • April 17, 2018 Views

3 Private Real Estate Reporting Methods Investors Should Understand

By Michael Episcope • April 13, 2018 Views

How Much of Your Investment Portfolio Should Be in Private Real Estate?

By Michael Episcope • March 28, 2018 Views

3 Benefits of Investing in Private Real Estate

By Michael Episcope • March 21, 2018 Views

What are Core, Core Plus, Value-Add and Opportunistic Investments?

By Michael Episcope • February 21, 2018 Views

What are Private Equity Waterfalls, Clawbacks & Catch-Up Clauses?

By Michael Episcope • December 28, 2017 Views

8 Types of Risk Every Real Estate Investor Should Know About

By David Scherer • December 12, 2017 Views

Small Real Estate Funds Hold Big Edge In Growing Investor Wealth

By Michael Episcope • July 26, 2017 Views

What to Look for in Private Equity Real Estate Fund Fees

By Michael Episcope • June 28, 2016 Views

The Definition of an “Accredited Investor”

By Origin Investments • May 18, 2016 Views

Improve Your Portfolio’s Returns, Lower Your Volatility with Private Real Estate

By Origin Investments • January 19, 2016 Views