An Effective Marketing Strategy in Just Days? Mark Satterfield Shows You How

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The One Week Marketing Plan: The Set It & Forget It Approach for Quickly Growing Your Business

Mark Satterfield is the founder and CEO of Gentle Rain Marketing, Inc., and the author of “The One Week Marketing Plan,” a book that helps business owners implement an effective marketing strategy in just a few days. Origin talked recently with Mark about his book, the best ad platform and his take on the next big thing in marketing.

Q. In your book, you advise that the first step to creating an effective marketing strategy is identifying a niche market. Why start the one-week marketing plan journey here?

A. It is such a noisy world out there. We get bombarded by messages. To pull off the strategy I outline in my book, you have to have a niche approach. You have to create marketing materials that accurately reflect the needs of your prospective clients, otherwise they will move on.

Q. You encourage business owners to create blogs on their company websites. Why are blogs an important component of the marketing strategy?

A. Blogs help to position you as a thought leader, which is a great way to differentiate yourself. Also, as potential clients continue to read your blog, they start to feel like they know you and trust you. Blogs are also a great way to stay in touch with potential clients. One of the easiest ways to touch base is to send an email with a link to a new blog post. The best way to show that you can be helpful is to actually be helpful.

Q. In “The One Week Marketing Plan,” you walk readers through the various steps of creating ads for Google and Facebook. How can business owners best take advantage of these platforms?

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A. The real key to using ad platforms is to have a very specific understanding of who your prospective client is. There is an exercise in the book where I walk the reader through the process of creating a client avatar. The more you can think of an individual, the more you can go out and target that individual.

Q. Which ad platform is the most effective and are there different situations where one may be more beneficial than the other? 

A. If I had to pick just one I would say Facebook. The targeting is better because you can micro target and get to very specific people. Having said that, it also depends on your niche market. If your client is a senior level executive, you’re probably better off doing LinkedIn.

Q. When visiting a company website or blog, customers now expect hyper-personalized information. How can business owners deliver this type of information?

A. In order to engage with potential clients, you have to first identify their hopes, aspirations and fears. Then you write a blog post around one of these dreams or fears and you give your blog post a sexy title. Just buy a copy of Cosmopolitan magazine for title inspiration; no one does sexy titles better than Cosmo.

Q. Videos are excellent engagement tools and you encourage business owners to use them. What’s your advice on producing an effective video without breaking the bank?  

A. You can do a very sophisticated video and spend $20,000 or more, but my position is you don’t have to. I do simple talking head videos from my home office and I get 60,000 views on average. My videos aren’t polished but they are human and my clients feel like they know me.

Q. Looking ahead to 2016, what is a marketing trend that you will be watching with interest?

A. The next wave in marketing will be highly personalized messages: messages that communicate all the concerns and issues and benefits before there is an actual face-to-face meeting or telephone call. Using this marketing strategy, you are going to talk to less people, but the people you do talk to will be much more likely to do business with you.

Q. Is there a trend you are going to avoid?

A. Now that everything is electronic, some people are moving back to direct mail. Direct mail does work, but it would certainly not be the first thing I would do because you have to ante up all the money up front.

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