Origin Insights #2: Private Real Estate in Portfolios | IRR and Multiple Differences

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Why Private Real Estate Strengthens Portfolios

Why Private Equity Strengthens Portfolios

Some people think they don’t need private real estate because they’ve made “well-balanced” stock and bond choices. But a portfolio can’t really be considered balanced until it includes more of the asset classes that produce high risk-adjusted returns. Alternative investments like private equity real estate combine high expected returns with low volatility. They act as a hedge against the boom and bust cycles of the stock market.

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What’s the Difference Between IRR and Multiple?

What's the Difference Between IRR and Multiple?

Real estate firms often cite both “IRR” and “Multiple” to describe an asset’s return on investment. Here’s why it’s crucial to understand both.

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Origin Cofounder Michael Episcope talks to Bloomberg about innovations in real estate investment and the growing appetite for higher-quality deals.

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Origin Investments builds fundraising momentum and is raising up to $4.4M a week.

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