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The last thirty days feels more like a year for many of us as we’ve been sequestered in our homes and inundated with daily news about the pandemic. The light at the end of the tunnel in late March felt more like a freight train coming in our direction but now seems to be truly light at the end of the tunnel. The roller coaster ride we experienced in March and early April seems to have subsided as the government threw the kitchen sink at the problem and promising drugs are on the horizon. The stock market is up more than 25% from its lows and there is talk about reopening the economy. In times like this, we are reminded of the value of having some illiquid investments in our portfolio as they are not subject to daily stock market swings and protect us from behaving irrationally. When you don’t have an option to sell, the choice is easy. We couldn’t be more pleased with the way our funds have performed during this period and are optimistic about the road ahead. Please enjoy the latest issue of Origin Insights.


– Michael Episcope & David Scherer




7 Reasons Why Real Estate Funds Are Better Than Deals in a Volatile Market


Michael Episcope, Origin Principal


6 min read


As a private real estate fund manager, we often speak to individual investors about the advantages of investing in real estate funds versus deals. No time are these advantages clearer than the market environment we’re experiencing this year. In this article, Origin Principal Michael Episcope outlines seven reasons why real estate funds are better than deals.

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Industrial REITs: Who is Best Positioned for Growth, and Who’s Feeling the Heat?


by Geoff Shaver, Director of Public Securities


Though not immune from short-term headwinds like recent trade and supply chain disruptions due to the Coronavirus pandemic, industrial REITs continue to outperform other sectors. In this article, Director of Public Securities Geoff Shaver explains why, and shares which industrial REITs are best positioned for growth.

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A Drastic Stock Slide at Ventas


by Geoff Shaver, Director of Public Securities


One of the largest healthcare REITs has been drastically repriced of late. In this article, Director of Public Securities Geoff Shaver explains what caused Ventas’ (VTR) drastic stock slide, and what we can expect from VTR in the future.

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We welcomed more than 1,500 people on this webinar with Origin Principal David Scherer and Director of Acquisitions David Welk. They explained how the private real estate market has been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic and what indicators we are watching to know when it’s safe to invest in private real estate.

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Nearly 600 people tuned in to hear Path Director of Public Securities Geoff Shaver and Origin Principal David Scherer explain how the Coronavirus pandemic has affected the public REIT market to date. They shared which sectors of REITs have been hit the hardest – and what opportunities to look out for.

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The Origin Qualified Opportunity Zone (QOZ) and IncomePlus Funds are currently accepting new commitments so that we can take advantage of future real estate investment opportunities. The queue is growing, and capital will be invested based on dates of commitment. Origin Principals Michael Episcope and David Scherer hosted two webinars this week for current and prospective investors regarding the state of each Fund in the current market environment and provided proprietary asset-level insights.

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Caring For Our Caregivers Campaign


To support those on the front lines of the fight against the Coronavirus, the investment management team at Origin has launched a campaign called “Caring for our Caregivers” at our multifamily properties. We’re preparing gift baskets, thank you cards and videos, and food delivery for our residents in the medical community.


Additional Coronavirus Initiatives


The investment management team at Origin has been implementing various efforts at our properties to reduce the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. Potential residents can now find 3D floorplans and pre-recorded video tours on our property websites to replace in-person tours. Additionally, leasing professionals are conducting full walk throughs with prospects using an array of video chat systems.

To ensure comfortable occupancy numbers at each of our multifamily assets, we moved quickly to increase or implement up-front incentives to secure new leasing activity and beat competitive properties. As a result, we have maintained positive leasing velocity and increased our leasing conversion rate by 41% since discontinuing in-person tours. In addition, we have worked to ensure we do not lose occupancy to move-outs by offering May and June renewals without a rent increase.





Danielle Simpson, Investor Communications Specialist


Danielle recently joined Origin as an investor communications specialist to help keep our investors informed. Prior to joining Origin, Danielle worked as a travel specialist for State Farm in Dallas, Texas. She is a proud Chicago native who is happy to be back in the area and graduated from Illinois State University. Danielle enjoys riding her bike, finding a new favorite restaurant (when not under stay-at-home orders) and spending time with her dog, Rio.


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